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-Old Welsh Door Verse

Sunday, March 04, 2007

48 Movies

There's another movie meme going around. Something like, if you've seen 85 of these 250+ movies you don't have a life. I actually started it. After marking the first dozen I realized that half of those I "saw" because someone else in the family wanted to watch it at home and I was in the room. So I adjusted the marks to include "those I saw because I was with someone else." Then, because I watch movies over and over again, I figured those I only saw once and didn't like it needed their own code, too. Then, because I didn't want to post the whole thing here, I started just deleting all the movies I hadn't seen.

Then I realized I really don't have a life if I have time to do all that. In the meantime, DH who is trying to heal a strained (possibly broken) foot in time for the march on the Pentagon on March 17 is up washing everybody's dishes they've allowed to accumulate for the last three days.

I decided my priorities needed readjusting.

I just counted the movies on the list I've seen by my choice. 48. Most of which I've seen at least six times so the result is the same. I don't have a life.

But I do have chores, so I'm off to rescue hubby's foot. Even though none of those dishes are mine.

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