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-Old Welsh Door Verse

Saturday, April 04, 2009


Probably always had it but now it's a problem.

My sister was ADHD before anybody knew what it was. My husband still has "fond" memories of her doing "Jolly Jumpers" which consisted of her jumping up and down in one place, over and over, saying (or shouting) "Jolly jumpers, jolly jumpers, jolly jumpers..." She was eleven and already larger than most grown women. Today as she pushes 50 she still drinks coffee to calm down, one of the sure indicators.

I never thought I had any issues because I didn't have the jumping thing going on. But as I've gotten older, I have a harder and harder time sticking to one thing for very long. In fact, my dream day is to be free to flit from one thing to another with no pressure to do anything. I would love to work in the garden in the cool of the morning, then take a shower before sitting down to some cross-stitch or embroidery until I got bored with it. Then I would go to the machine for some piecing until I'm tired of that, then back to stitching, then back to piecing, then read for a while and start the whole thing over again.

And I'm so easily distracted, and then my distractions become obsessions.

Like this morning.

For some reason I started wondering what happened to a manipulated photo I'd seen a few years ago. I love manipulated photos. Anything that miniaturizes fascinates me

Sometimes these manipulated photos can be pretty creepy, but they are always clever and often very charming.

My forever favorite was one of a young boy and his pet looking out a window. The boy seemed focused seriously on something but the pet seemed to be just enjoying the breeze. I decided to go look at it and the others in that collection of snagged photos again and my heart about stopped when I realized that I had snagged them on my old computer and had not managed to transfer that file to the new desktop.


The obsession set in. Nothing truly disappears from the internet, right? So I spent over an hour this morning with my best friend, Ms. Google, searching for this photo. In the search I found this WONDERFUL site called Worth 1000. The site is FULL of photo contests, including many contests of photo manipulation. And look what I found there:

It's called "Baby Elephant" and was entered by blueorb (a female). Like I said, this photo has stayed with me for quite a few years now and I was thrilled to find it again. Here's another with a similar theme by Krasq3a:

Anyway, Worth 1000 is definitely worth 1000 visits. And if you're a photo manipu-artist, check out their contest listings.

While I was wandering cyberspace searching for my little boy with his pet elephant, I got into a site called Human Descent's photostream. Again, wonderfully constructed manipulations. Some "hybrid" animals can be pretty scary, but HD had some exceptionally well designed examples.

Worth 1000 had some, too.

How I envy these artists the alternate reality they must be able to tap into from time to time! I'm a very good - often even excellent - craftswoman. But I've rarely (if ever?) had an original clever idea that I wanted to develop into something I could create with my own hands.

I'm grateful for those who can and are willing to share.

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