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Monday, May 27, 2013


They fly.

I know it's a cliche, but the older I get, the faster the years fly by.  Or maybe it's because I'm having so much more fun.


I've cycled back to May Madness, when school is coming to closure for the year and I can smell summer break.  I've had much worse years and can honestly say I'm very sorry to see the Class of 2013 move on to high school.  What a great bunch of young people!  But I need the break, especially since I will be bringing big changes to my teaching next year.

And, I am teaching TWO classes in the Summer Arts Academy this year.  Creative Writing again (that was so much fun!) and a class I'm developing called "The World of Walt Disney."  Still pulling stuff together, but I know that week one will be a Little Mermaid theme.  Draw the character based on Hans Christian Anderson's story description.  Take notes for a Compare/Contrast writing (or drawing) as we read the story, then watch part of the movie for four days.  Draw the characters using "How to Draw..." lessons from various websites.  

Fridays will be Disneyland days:  History of the park video, hidden Mickeys, American history at the park.  For example, reading the chapter about pirates from Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer, then seeing how the imagineers worked the pirate elements into the original Tom Sawyer's Island presentation. Still deciding about the other movies, but leaning toward Aladdin, Swiss Family Robinson and possibly Meet the Robinsons.  OR maybe a look at the tales of the Brothers Grimm with scenes from movies, a different one each day. 

Last trip to Disneyland with Mom was last month and I wasn't really planning to go back until my birthday next month (which will be a solo trip).  But, we got REALLY good news this week.


This clip is from the Monstrous 24-hour day last week, but they return for the summer on June 15.  Then, based on attendance, Disney will decide whether to support them throughout the year.  Mom and I want to lend our support, so will FORCE OURSELVES (snigger) to head to the park on the 15th.

I am so excited about summer at Disneyland this year.  The dancers are back.  The Billie's are being shuffled back to the Jamboree stage;  I don't know how they like that, but I thought the sound was SO much better back there (and I love the relaxed atmosphere with the characters). I'm delighted.  All American College Band should be there by my birthday (or shortly after) and there's a a new production at the Fantasyland Stage.  Couple it with the usual Disneyland Band performances, the Soundsational Parade and maybe even a good piano player at Coke Corner and we won't be able to fit everything in.

Gonna be a hard choice:  College Band 7:00 Train Station set, or the swing dancers starting at 7:00 (which means being there by 5:00 for seating.)  Yikes.

I've been stitching on the "What Color is Spring?" quilt at Mom's and it's coming along.  REALLY hoping to finish the floss on the Firefly Faeries this summer (she says for the tenth year in a row.)  Also have some sewing projects to finish up.   I guess my stitching theme will be COMPLETION.  Of at least some things.  I'm purging my collection of charts and patterns.  I need the storage room, and since I don't really think I will live to see 182, there's no way I will finish all of this.

The garden is shaping up.  Hydrangeas are in bud/bloom, passion vine has its first bloom and today I cleaned out the weeds from the gerbera daisy patch in front.  And noticed that the dahlia that I bought this spring, planted and then "lost" to the snails is putting on new leaves.

Which reminds me - I'd better go spread some Sluggo.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Debi mom! Your DIL here:-) I finally have a chance to visit your page and actually read a post:-) Means your grandson grew up a lot. Seems like your summer will be exciting. Teaching about Disney? Somebody made a class just for YOU?!?! Love you!