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Wednesday, March 09, 2016


It's  a wonderful thing.

Gift from my brother and sister-in-law to celebrate my successful surgery.  My favorite color of flower, especially roses.

I've had more surgery on my eye.  Last year the retina detached.  I noticed a shadow near my nose, three days before the death of my husband, and then watched as what appeared to be pond water started seeping in, a little more every day.  Three days after the Celebration of Life, I was in having emergency surgery to re-attach the retina.

I've had the same ophthalmologist in Santa Barbara for nearly thirty-five years and trust him completely.  He arranged for a retinal surgeon that he trusted and the surgeon managed to get the retina to completely re-attach.  (I helped by going above-and-beyond on the face-down orders for nine days, and wasn't it fun trying to get the finances understood and under control in that position.)

I have a family history that includes these things, but I've also read that sometimes an injury can cause a weak spot that will take years to finally give up the fight.  I remember 37 years ago I took a racquetball to that eye, so hard that even with protective goggles I could feel the ball collapse into the eye.  So maybe that finally made itself known.

A side effect of the trauma of inter-ocular surgery is that a cataract could bloom.  I'd had one developing in that eye for fifteen years and bloom it did.  I was to the point where I really couldn't use that eye for anything, and got the all clear from the retinal surgeon for the ophthalmologist to do a lens replacement.

That was yesterday.  I had my follow-up appointment this morning and the ophthalmologist announced the status as "lovely."

Yes, it is.  My world is crystal clear colors.  I still have healing to do, but the two eyes are already working better together, which hasn't been the case for about a year.

Simply thrilled and grateful.

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