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-Old Welsh Door Verse

Thursday, May 17, 2007


I'm a raving left wing liberal Democrat. I adored Bill Clinton. I enthusiastically voted for Al Gore and wish he would run again. I voted for Kerry because I hate King George the Liar.

I have never been enthusiastic about Hillary Clinton and have been looking carefully at the other candidates for the primary.

Now I question whether I would vote for her if she is the Democratic candidate!

This morning's email's subject line is, "We need your advice..."

Iraq? China trade agreements? Impeaching the President? Alberto Gonzalez?

HEALTH CARE FOR CHILDREN!?!?! How about my grown, college graduate sons, neither of whom have health insurance.

No, no. Hillary wants my advice on what her campaign song should be.

For pete's sake, woman! Who the heck cares?!?!



Samantha said...

okay, but, now I'm dying to know what choices she offered you ;-) Obama, baby, all the way :-)

~Jennifer said...

lol! Yes, I can agree with that, well not the Gore/Obama part. I did vote for Clinton the first time around, but sometime after that experienced a complete shift in my political ideology. Still, the same open mind it took to make that shift is alive and well in my head, and I'm always open to hearing ideas from both sides of the aisle.

Thanks for linking to me, by the way!