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-Old Welsh Door Verse

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bye Bye Photo Hunters

So, I got dumped by Photo Hunters. After months of playing pretty regularly (at least twice a month), TN Chick got someone to go through the 400+ bloggers and dump everyone who hadn't posted a photo since June 2. I teach middle school. My last PhotoHunt post was May 28 and the rest of the time I've been grading, re-grading, assigning grades, attending middle school graduation activities, doing some family things with my parents, and trying to catch up with things neglected at home. I really did go to PhotoHunt to see what the prompt was for each week but they were pretty lame (shoes? hair?). Or rather, I should say they were things that were of absolutely no interest to me so I spent the time doing other things instead.

It's all good, though. I found some enjoyable blogs through PhotoHunters and added them to my personal list of links, then dumped the PhotoHunt blogroll from my blog. Now there's sidebar room for other goodies. Maybe the time I spent hunting photos would be better spent stitching.

The All American College Band at Tomorrowland Terrace, Disneyland, California. The lead trumpet screams you right out of your seat (he's up on the stage).

Summer is going very well so far (one week has flown by). I go out in the mornings while it's still foggy to work in the garden for a couple of hours. The front courtyard is looking pretty good. Once more stint tomorrow weeding one flower bed and I should be able to declare it done for a while. I need to replace a rotting railroad tie with some stacking retaining blocks but it can wait. This week I'm working on neglected housework (cleaned the stove yesterday) and neglected hummingbird feeders. On Wednesday night my sister will come over to pamper my friends with Mary Kay. Friday I go to Mom's to scrapbook.

I took her and my Dad to Disneyland last Tuesday to follow the All American College Band around and I took the BEST pictures of the Parade of Dreams. It was a delightful day of serendipity. We decided to sit on a shady bench by the castle to wait for the band's next set and found ourselves in the best POD seats we've ever had. As my dad said, "This parade is much better when you're actually IN it." Unfortunately, my camera's memory filled up by the second float, so I took the rest with Mom's camera. She is pretty excited by them so I will get copies on Friday.

Saturday we host the family birthday bash for June/July (BIL, DS1 and my birthday). DS2 is going to cook lasagne but I still have to do the cleaning.

July 5 Mom and I leave to take her to see her sister in NE Kansas. I will take a few days to visit friends who have relocated to MO and IN, then return to pick up the ladies and take them down to OK City to visit their brother and his family. Home at the end of July, then leave August 15 for Utah. And that will be the end of my summer.

With luck, the next school year will be my last, although with the real estate market still treading water in the toilet I keep trying to psyche myself up for two years instead of one.

Que sera, sera.


Samantha said...

Can't wait to see some of those parade photos! Sounds wonderful!

Chiloe said...

Hi Debi,

Too bad you got dumped but I understand how we can be very busy with grading all the kids tests (I'm happy I'm done with it ;) )I was finishing at 11 pm every day... You can still show us some pictures like the ones from the parade. Have you ever bought some Disney kits at the parks?

Have good vacations !!!

debijeanm said...

Believe it or not, Disneyland does not carry cross-stitch kits! Isn't that amazing?!?! Even the kit for the Disneyland Happiest Homecoming I could not buy there. I asked the CM at the Disney memorabilia shop and she was a cross-stitcher who shared my disgust that people could buy OUR homecoming kit at all the other parks EXCEPT ours.