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-Old Welsh Door Verse

Monday, April 21, 2008

I just love...

the blog world of stitchers.

Honeysuckle Tree posted a delightful meander through spring that included a needle keep from a freebie design by Windy Willows. Of course, I had to follow the link and let myself be greedy in her free chart area. The needle keep really caught my fancy. Check out how she has placed the design so that she could include a ribbon lengthwise that she could slip a paper with the color numbers and chart symbols. Then she can just slip her needle into the linen next to the number. SO much better than when I do with the magnets (which, more often than not, results in the threads getting tangled and pulling the needles off the magnets.)

Windy Willows is a Japanese site. I used Babel Fish (in my side bar) to translate the site. My DIL tells me the English to Japanese doesn't communicate at all, but the Japanese to English worked about as well as the French to English. You wouldn't want to use it for legal documents, but it's good enough to be able to follow the gist. I was able to understand her frustration at working on check, understand that she stitched part of a bag that wouldn't be seen by anyone but her as she put things into the bag, understand that things had been busy at work which is the usual at this time of year and so on.

Windy Willows and Babel Fish are in my sidebar if you want to check out this delightful site.

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MK said...

Hi Debi-
I finally found your blog. Wow! I have to admit...it feels a little like spying. I hope you don't mind that I'm here.
I've been working on my blog today, but I'm not enjoying it much. It started out fun, but now I'm just overwhelmed and unstimulated. I'm going to keep plugging along, but for now I just took a small detour. Enjoy the rest of your day off!