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If Foe, our love will conquer thee.
-Old Welsh Door Verse

Saturday, June 21, 2008

It's Here!

And I'm being so strong!

I've commented here before that I've fallen for some of the Australian quilt designers. One of my favorites, Natalie Lymer (Cinderberry Stitches) had a Mother's Day pattern in an Australian magazine called Homespun last month. I drove to all our big bookstores and, while they had a number of Australian craft magazines, they did not have this one. I'd pretty well given up when I went to Treasured Threads, a wonderful distributor for Australian patterns here in the states. I managed to get on their waiting list for the magazine and anxiously awaited word to send my check.

I waited and waited and then decided to check my junk mail folder. There was the notification I had been waiting for and I'd missed the deadline by ONE DAY! I wrote to them right away and they said I was SO lucky, they had not yet notified the next on the list. I was hoping that my magazine might get here before I left on my trip, but figured, with all the flooding in Iowa, I might have to be patient and wait until after our return. I must admit to being impressed (again) with the USPS. Treasured Threads mailed the magazine on Thursday and it got here TODAY (Saturday)! WaaaaaaHoooooooo!

Anyway, I'm being very disciplined and have just stuck the unopened package into my car tote for the trip Monday. What a lovely way to while away some of the fourteen hours it will take us to get to Eden.

In other news, my dad and I had a wonderful Father's Day Disneyland music trip. Our magical day started off on the right foot when I stopped by the ticket kiosk to pay the extra $40 on his SoCA Select pass. He was on a block-out day. They didn't charge us any extra but upgraded his pass for him to the SoCA pass. This means he will have some Sundays once the summer is over. Which means - once we upgrade Mom's pass, too - that we can all go as a family sometime in the fall. They day went well and was music-filled. When we were ready to leave I pushed the wheelchair onto the Tram loading ramp and we were picked up by a tram. (The procedure is to pick up wheelchairs first, then move the tram up to the loading area for the rest of the passengers.) We waited for a couple of minutes for the tram to move up, then he pulled a U-turn and took us - in our otherwise empty tram - back to the parking structure. As we were leaving the tram (with the pilot's assistance) I asked him if the private chauffeured tram was one of the "Year of a Million Dreams" prizes. He thought that was funny.

I got home about 10:00 and - BIG SURPRISE - demon dog was till here. Owner had called claiming that her "daughter had locked the car keys in the car."

Yeah. Right.

DH gave her until 11:00 am, which is when he has to leave on his commitments, to come get the dog. 11:00 am it goes to the pound. We're not risking another citation for barking and we can't leave it alone or it will BARK - incessantly. It was supposed to be gone three weeks ago.

She has ten minutes left, then it's farewall.

And I'm off on my errands.


Chiloe said...

I'm very curious to see if the dog is gone ....... :D

Great you did gt your magazine :one day, it would have been soooooooosad to miss it for just one day !!!

Have fun in Utah !!!

Chiloe said...

Have you seen the new Nimue pattern on my blog : I just love it !!!

Chiloe said...

I think it's cheaper to order on her site but you can also wait until I get the pattern if you see what i mean ;-) Let me know ;)