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-Old Welsh Door Verse

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Missy, Nancy and I are all doing the Barack Boogie!

When it was time for California to vote in our primary I was really convinced that either Barack or Hillary would be terrific as President and was having a hard time deciding. Finally I let Missy have my vote since she wasn't able to vote this time around.

Boy, am I glad! The more I followed Clinton's campaign the more convinced I became that she would be just more of the same. I'm excited to get behind something new. I was particularly put off by her comments about the California primary in June being a deciding factor for candidates. Hello? California is an important primary because we're a large state. And our primary was moved up to FEBRUARY, Hillary. California wasn't voting in June this time around.

I sincerely hope she is not selected as the VP candidate. Barack would be too distracted always trying to watch his back to get the job done.

There, Nancy, I don't mind venting. You're so nice.

The DNC just announced they would be accepting no more lobby money in this campaign. What a great first step.

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