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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back to Politics

McCain's judgement...

...in selecting Sarah Palin as the next in line of succession is not to be believed.

I absolutely distrust all media. Media - even so called "respected" news media like CNN, is about entertainment, keeping people watching, keeping people buying from sponsors and therefore cannot be trusted.

So, my husband wrote to the only person he knew in Alaska to ask how she liked her governor. I guess he worded his request in a non-commital enough fashion as she answered him, then said that she never would have thought he was a conservative.

Anyway, here's just one of the stories she told us about Gov. Palin. Apparently Juneau lost a power station to an avalanche and diesel generators had to kick in to provide power to the community. The citizen's electric bills increased by almost five times their normal bill (like from $150 per month to $700-800 a month) for a couple of months. The small business owners really suffered. The citizens went to Governor Palin for some relief and Gov. Palin stated that this wasn't an emergency because they still had power. And this in a state that has made tons of money from oil drilling.

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Anonymous said...

Not that I support McCain/Palin one iota, but...

This year, the Permanent Fund Dividend (oil revenue checks) are at an all time high. Every person living here that is eligible is getting a check for over $3k in the next month or so. $2k (+some) for the PFD and then an additional $1.2k for fuel relief. It is my understanding that every eligible individual gets the fuel relief $, not just per household. So, that is a kind of plus.

The crummy thing for us is that we won't be eligible to receive a PFD check until 2010 because of regulations and such stuff, so they don't just hand out the $ willy nilly for the most part.

Yeah, Juneau is on hydro power and our rate is about 15 cents per kWh, when the avalanche hit in ?April? it went to 50 cents per kWh...kinda like Saipan. One nice thing is that they produce surplus power and sell the excess to a cruise ship company down at the dock so the cruise ship can turn off its fossil fuel generators while in port. And supposedly, they return some of the $ generated from the cruise ship revenue back to the consumer in some fashion. But that is only during cruise ship season...April to September.

But the bad news...the area where the avalanche took out the power supply this year...yeah, it was just repaired, not moved. So, there is a great possibility that it could happen again. Not so smart.

Enough about the power up here. I am so thankful for 24 hour power, it is ridiculous.

I am going to have to find out where the Obama office is up here. See what I can do to help. And I can't believe that they got flurries already in Utah!!! Wowsers. If you ever want knitting help, I am so here to help you. And if you really want a pair of Monkeys, I would be more than happy to knit a pair for you, you just supply the yarn. I love the pattern and yarn combination that much! Just let me know and I can get the yarn info to you and you can pick out what you like.

: )