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-Old Welsh Door Verse

Monday, September 08, 2008

So not politics!

Just some random thoughts not related to politics.

If you're a Disney fan, go check out their faerie world of Pixie Hollow. Adorable! You can make your own faeries and decorate their houses, play fun games and test your brain (which I failed today). You can even print out stationery with your faerie's picture and name on it!

This Saturday is the third annual Visions Fantastic Scavenger Hunt at Disneyland. I didn't enter a team this year but did volunteer to help if they need me. No call yet, but for the DCA Dash in March I got a last-minute "help!" request and was happy to help out. If they don't need me, I'll just enjoy seeing everyone again and enjoy my happy place.

Things are going well at school. My students are pretty nice, overall. We settled the contract just after school was out for the summer and I was elected president of the union. I'm making a few folks mad but I don't see the point of dragging this anger around with me so I've let it go and am doing my best to build some bridges in hopes of making the district a better place to work. And seeing as a teacher's working conditions are a student's learning conditions, this should be good for students, too.

I decided to spend my raise on a gym membership for my family. It's been a little over two weeks and so far I'm making it about five days per week. I'm about 100 pounds overweight and was sedentary for over 30 years so am being REALLY careful about what I do, only walking on the treadmill at slow speeds for 45 minutes each visit. After payday I'm going to pay the $150 for an evaluation by the physical therapist (the fitness center is owned by a prominent PT in town.) I figure that will be about six weeks just on the treadmill, going a little faster each time, so I should be ready to add some other activities.

My son has been my cheerleader. When I told him how exhausted I was after school last Friday (a tough week) but how I dragged myself to the treadmill anyway and walked - slowly, but moving all the time - for the full 45 minutes, he raved on and on about what a huge hurdle that was to get over.

I'm really thrilled with the results. Of course, it will be a loooonnnnngggg time before any weight loss actually shows, but I'm also working on bringing my heart rate down. Three weeks ago I was getting resting heart rates in the 80s and now I'm getting some in the 60s and 70s. When I started on the treadmill I was getting rates of 130 going only 1.2 mph. Each time I walk on this thing I have to crank it up a little faster to get it into my target range of 128. I listen to music and watch CNN, switching the headset if it appears to be something I want to hear.

I'm hopeful of conquering this fat once and for all.

Remember how proud I was to have cleared a couple of surfaces in my room? They're filled up again. Oh, well.

I did a tiny bit of stitching last night but not enough to scan. I worked on the leaves of the little Christmas bird piece I started in Utah. I don't think I will ever stitch green again without thinking about Chiloe and her green bias.

I've finished watching Season I of Heroes and need to get going on Season II. September 22 will be here before I know it.

I watched The Golden Compass last month for the first time. I'm really sorry I didn't see it in a theater first. The special effects are phenomenal. Unfortunately, I was disappointed with their treatment of the book. I'm 2/3 of the way through the final book in His Dark Materials (The Amber Spyglass) and I still am not 100% sure I understand "dust." That suspense as the explanation of all this unfolds through the three books is delightful. The movie just kind of lays some stuff out there that really should have waited for the second movie.

If there is a second I will definitely see it in a theater, if only to enjoy the effects.

I added some faeries to my collection this summer. This one, called "Sprinkle of Love," is my favorite. It's just exquisite. It's impossible to see on this little picture but she's sprinkling dew drops onto the flower and there's a tiny drop hanging from the spout of her watering can. The picture has been squashed up vertically so she looks a little chubby in the picture but she's quite long, lean and graceful. And the detail of this gown is something to "oooo" and "ahhh" over for sure.

I'm such a hypocrite. I really want the U.S. to stop buying Chinese products and bring jobs home. My commitment to that cause lasts just until I see something like this faerie. Sigh. And Saturday I'll be at Disneyland all day.

Cheap Chinese Import Heaven. Sigh.

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Chiloe said...

You know I always think of you when I see a Disney event ;-) I love the fairies too (I bought some stitkers for me at Toy's R us : Emma is so jealous !!! lol)

You are so lucky to work out from home. Here it's too small to put a machine ...

I'm curious to know: which bird are you stitching????