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Monday, October 13, 2008

Progress on the Fitness Thing

Woo Hoo!

Just before school started, a friend recommended a new gym in town. I checked it out and by the end of that day had signed up the family. It's been a little over six weeks and I'm already seeing progress. On the scale, I've lost about 12 pounds, but because I'm walking 45 minutes, five days a week on the treadmill (and building those large muscles) I'm guessing I've lost more fat than that. Judging by the way my clothes are fitting, I'm guessing closer to 18 pounds, maybe more.

Don't really care.

I'm really watching the heartrate improvement and am thrilled.

Another friend lost a LOT of weight (went from my size to normal) last year. She was telling me that she didn't feel any different. I've been there. You lose a buncha weight (my biggest loss was 72 pounds) but you don't feel any different. So I told her we need to keep lists of things that are now that weren't before (for her it was being able to climb stairs without pain in her knees). So, that's what the new list is in my sidebar. When I notice I can do something now that I couldn't before, I'm going to post it over there where I can remind myself that there are changes.

Chocolate season is here (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter). I'm hoping this will help me endure.


Kathryn said...

Good for you! I lost about 65 pounds over the last three years. I managed to do a two and half hour walk in Barcelona this past Saturday. I KNOW I couldn't do that even one year ago. And I'm not even exercising enough yet. I need to do that next since I have been at this weight for a couple of months. Eating less alone is not going to get me out of the Plus Size department.

Debi said...

Wooo Hooo to you, too! Even if I never lost another pound I would continue this treadmill program just to keep what I've accomplished so far. (Just hope I don't turn into one of those obnoxious gym junkies.)

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Debi! I lost about 35 pounds with Jenny Craig two years ago, the difference in my energy level was amazing. I also lost a lot of lower back pain along with the weight. By the way, even though I just stumbled upon your blog fairly recently, I wanted you to know you had a fan in Iowa.

- From a fellow quilter, x-stitcher, scrapbooker, and registered Democrat. :)

Stitcher S said...

Good for you! That's wonderful. Thanks for the inspiration.