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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Where's the stitching?

Yeah, I know.

All the politics is becoming tiresome.

Really, though, I haven't picked up a needle since school started. Because something new has been added in my life.


I joined a gym.

In fact, I signed up DH and DS2 as well. I haven't had my "program" appointment yet. This fitness center is owned by and attached to the clinic owned by one of our town's most respected physical therapists. They offer a "deal" where I can have an appointment with a PT who will design a fitness program based on my physical needs and concerns.

Like my fragile knees. And sore hip.

Since the end of August all I do is show up and walk on the treadmill for 45 minutes. Slower to slow for the first 15 minutes, then 20 minutes at a cardio target rate, then 10 minutes to cool down a little. I've managed to get there five times a week most weeks. I plug in my headset and watch CNN. Unless I can't stand whoever is on, then I have my CD player as back-up.

I've lost a little weight (a little over 10 pounds) but more importantly I've watched my heartrate drop. When I started this I was getting resting rates in the high 80s. Last weekend I was relaxing in bed reading on a Sunday morning and got a rate of 59! Usually, though, my resting rates are in the high 60s and low 70s, which are dang respectable.

In other news, my life is taken up with work and union meetings.

And fighting depression.

Like many Americans, I've had to watch my dream of relocating to Utah shatter because of the economy. The only good news is that I have a job that may be secure (although the Governator is threatening to hold back my paycheck as blackmail of our legislature as they 'negotiate' a budget) and can continue to make the payments on the property we own there. But, by the time the economy improves enough to sell the condo and the house here in SoCA, DH will be in his late 70s and probably won't be able to move.

I hate this.

So, not much fun around here. I'm trying to rearrange the extra room (again) to carve out a place to sew and a place for my son's keyboard. One of the regrets of my life is that I never learned to play an instrument (the only person in my family who did not, although I raised two gifted musicians of my own). Anyway, DS1 is going to give me monthly lessons and I get to use one of his keyboards to practice.

If I can figure out where to put it.

I already bought music to shoot for. The last time I was at Disneyland I bought a book of easy piano music and chose "When She Loved Me" from Toy Story II as a 'goal' piece. I also bought a more difficult book and someday would like to be able to play "Little April Showers" from Bambi. I've always had a mental block, though, when I've tried to learn an instrument, so expect a real struggle. Fortunately, my son knows me very well and is an incredibly good teacher (and kind man).

Tomorrow I hope to put out some Halloween decorations. I'll show you my Halloween quilt then, OK? That's kinda stitchy.

Sure hope it starts cooling off soon so I can get back to this project.

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