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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lost in Del Amo

What a nightmare.

I'm really not a shopper. When I'm in a store that has stuff that I like (like Michaels or Joann) I tend to go compulsive and grab everything in sight. When I have to buy stuff I don't like (like clothes or - shudder - shoes) it's just a sheer misery. The whys and wherefores of that are irrelevant here. I just want to share my experiences this weekend past.

I drove down the coast (PCH1 along the Pacific Coast from Pt. Mugu through Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica and so on can be busy but it's just a great drive along the ocean and through some funky beach towns and big city energy) to the city of Torrance for a union conference. The conference was a good one and I got to have my picture taken with the NEA president (which didn't excite me until I heard him speak).

The best part of the weekend was getting to have leisurely dinners out with my son and his wife. I had not seen them since Thanksgiving and we had a lovely visit on Friday and Sunday.

But most of my time was spent in trainings and informational seminars which, although they did what they were supposed to do, are tiresome and can be boring, so throughout it all I had promised myself a trip to the famous Del Amo Fashion Center. Mind, I have no interest in fashion, but I had looked up some other businesses that I wanted to check out.

And got totally lost.

Seriously. This place is not really one mall, it's several malls. Some have been connected with elevated walkways. They appear to all have been added to over and over throughout the years. And others that on a map appear to be part of the same "Fashion Center" are actually driving distance away. When I finally got to the section that housed the Joann craft center, I went in the wrong door and was immediately smacked in the face by sewage smell. Nice. I spent about three hours in this adventure, and I'd say 1.5 hours was spent wandering hopelessly trying to figure out where the heck I was, where the heck the Joann was and how the heck to get there.

I finally made it, though, and was then so frustrated that I took my negative energy out on my credit card. Just doing my best to keep the economy moving, although I know Barack would have preferred I use cash.

Anyway, I bought those cute Easter fabrics up at the top of the post (no, that's not ALL I bought, just all I care to take a picture of). I made tiny progress on the Easter stitchery (finished the border) during President Obama's speech last night. As much as I love these fabrics, I don't think they're the right fabrics to use with that stitchery piece.

Which is OK, since I haven't decided how to finish it, yet.

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