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If Foe, our love will conquer thee.
-Old Welsh Door Verse

Saturday, August 01, 2009

and on.... and on... and on...

Yard sale for husbands.

Last week Kim's husband put a red-white-and-blue quilt in the laundry. With a red bedskirt. If you want to read the rest, head on over. She was understandably upset.

And so, yesterday, I came home to this:

Not sure what you're seeing? Let me help.

I had just finished my last day of jury duty and had driven home singing happy little "it's over" songs, looking forward to moving ahead with my room project. Once it's done I can move in everything that's been stashed here and there - including in this family room. I figured I'd finish by this afternoon, giving me tomorrow morning to spiff up this room for a visit from my son and DIL.

DH was on puppy duty. Usually the puppy just sleeps when DH has duty so I don't know why he moved him but move him he did. In addition to the ginormous crate that we've had in the family room for going on two months now as Dodger recuperates from his surgeries, we had his usual bed (a big round one from Costco) surrounded by his exercise pen. Most mornings I let him out of the crate for an hour or so by keeping him on a leash but letting him play out in the family room with this toys. Sometimes I put him in the ex pen with a toy. But I never take my eyes off him because - bored and bratty as he's been - I never know what he's going to get into next. DH put him in there yesterday. He swears the dog was only in there for fifteen minutes but clearly DH wasn't WATCHING him. Hello? Because Dodger dug up the carpet UNDER the bed.

At first look it seems like this is something that could be repaired with a little carpet tape. However, the little darling didn't stop with ripping up the carpet.

Yes, that's a dustbin full of little pieces of Extrordinaire carpet pad. Best you could buy. Guaranteed for two lifetimes.

Unless your dog eats it.

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Sandi said...

I accidently closed the door to our bedroom as I left to teach a quilt class. Our dog Skeeter, was never kenneled and would just go off and lay on his cushion when we left. But that day, he must have thought he was being abandoned because he scratched at the carpet by the door until he made an indentation in the pretty forest green carpet that was less than a year old! My husband kind of fluffed and brushed at til it looked better and a couple of years later when we sold the house, no one noticed. :-) One never knows what goes through the mind of a dog.