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If Foe, our love will conquer thee.
-Old Welsh Door Verse

Monday, November 22, 2010


I like it.

I've come to like the little swirly thing that says "redirecting" when I move from one place to another on the computer. That's what I feel like I'm doing with my life. Redirecting.

Mom and I went to Disneyland for ChristmasTime Saturday. We had some new experiences and relived some old ones in a new way.

Yep, we got rained on.

It had been raining the day before so we tried to prepare. And we had some help from the fates. On the way to the park, not five miles from Mom's house going up the grade over the hills into the San Fernando Valley, we were stopped about six cars back from a multiple-car accident. One CHP car was on site when we stopped and we watched one fire truck and several more CHP vehicles of different types arrive. It seems there were three or four cars involved, and one looked like it may have burned. But no ambulances, so apparently seatbelts did their job and nobody was badly hurt. (The cars had obviously spun all over the road).

We sat there for about a half-hour, maybe a bit more. We just chatted away so didn't really pay attention to the time. But if we had not had that delay, our day at Disneyland would have been much different. That half-hour behind helped us miss the worst of the rain all day. The deluge in this picture started as we shopped the Disney Showcase store. We had hoped to hear the Disneyland Band here at Town Square at noon, and I took this picture while we stood dry and warm under an awning waiting for the band. As a family of musicians, we were pleased enough that they did not arrive at the height of this downpour (rain does awful things to woodwind instruments; to all instruments, but especially anything with felt pads). This episode of hard rain only lasted about 15 minutes, so we waited hoping the band might come out later, but they did not so we moved along.

Earlier we had been disappointed that our usual breakfast spot, the Carnation Cafe, was closed (it's an outdoor restaurant) but we had a nice breakfast at the Riverbelle Terrace and look forward to doing it in nicer weather when we can eat outdoors with a great view of the River. Once we said this, however, we realized that we would miss the servers we've come to know at the Cafe, so now we'll have a dilemma.

We've been a little disappointed in Billy Hill and the Hillbillies on some previous visits, but this time they were back to their old selves and we really enjoyed our time in the Golden Horseshoe. We just lucked out all day. After the Billies we got on the train (one of the last of Mom's favorite rides that she can still enjoy because it has a wheelchair ramp and wheelchair seating). We went all the way around the park once, then to ToonTown station to see the 3:00 Princess Fantasy Faire Coronation. Sadly, the whole venue was closed up, but the young knight told us they were trying to get it going again by the 3:00 show. And, indeed, they did and we enjoyed that show.


(Aurora has always been my favorite princess and I admit that there is an 8-year-old still inside that gets a thrill whenever I see her.)

After this show we headed to Main Street to see if we could catch some piano while we waited for the Holiday Parade and Castle lighting. At first we were disappointed to see the piano missing from Coke Corner, then realized (duh) that it had been moved into the snack bar area (felt pads). It had not rained for quite a while so the tables and chairs were dry. We could not see the piano player but recognized Ragtime Michael's style right away. We decided he needs to make an album of holiday music; his arrangements of our favorite holiday songs are fabulous.

The parade was, as always, a delight (my favorite are the herald trumpets; it's a sound that moves through, not around, you) and the castle spectacular. We sat for a while enjoying the castle lights and the "snow" in the distance (you don't want to be under that stuff but it's pretty from a few yards away), then it started to sprinkle. We had already decided to leave early and eat when we got back to Mom's town, so I suggested we pack up and head out before it really started to rain. As I stood up to pack up, it REALLY started to rain, so we broke out our umbrellas and stayed where we were. It wasn't the deluge of earlier in the day, we stayed dry and warm and it let up shortly. After a quick trip to the restroom we headed out and after a fast, safe drive home had delicious lobster enchiladas at Mom's favorite Mexican restaurant back home.

It was a great way to start what is for me a week off for Thanksgiving. Yesterday I spent the entire day with Black-Eyed Peas on my headset while I disinfected my kitchen. Have you seen their flashmob for Oprah video. It's infectious. Lots of pick-ups. I'm going to think about it for this week, but am pretty sure I'm going to talk to my principal about having our students flashmob our Open House opening meeting in May.

Today I will bake in my clean kitchen for the last meeting of my writing class. I was looking forward to moving to the next level, but I just got an email from the teacher and he is shortening the classes in the next session. Because I live so far away I don't think I'll make it for more than 45 minutes or so (with a two-hour drive, each way) and, since it ends up costing me about $800 for the session, I don't think I'm willing to do that. Still, tomorrow's party will be fun. I still haven't decided on anything but monster cookies to give away. I'll probably just put together a big salad.

As I've read my friends' posts I'm thinking maybe I should find a group or class to get back into stitchery or quilting or something like that to replace the writing class. I did love getting out that one night a week.

Hope y'all have a great Thanksgiving.

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