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Hail Guest, we ask not what thou art.
If Friend, we greet thee, hand and heart.
If Stranger, such no longer be.
If Foe, our love will conquer thee.
-Old Welsh Door Verse

Thursday, May 24, 2012


...is official.

Successful Open House last night.

Newsies for two days this week.  Memorial Day weekend (yay for Mondays off!).  Finish Newsies.  Clean out classroom (return projects).  Don Hahn video inspiration for kids (if I can get it to burn onto dvd since my computer isn't hooked to the projector) on Wednesday.  Friday is the Magic Mountain graduation trip for kids (wishing it was Disneyland instead but MM is cheaper and closer so oh well).  Three days of yearbook signing and locker clean-out and grad ceremony practices.  Graduation.  Half-day last day and then...

Treat yourself to some inspiration.  I love this!  The father of one of my students played in a band with Don Hahn at one time, and his wife (mother of one of my students) turned me on to this video.  Beautiful and thought provoking.

Have a great day!

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