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If Stranger, such no longer be.
If Foe, our love will conquer thee.
-Old Welsh Door Verse

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Grateful news.

Perfect day for a drive up the coast to my ophthalmologist.  The sea was a gorgeous blue.

I've know this doctor and his optician for 35+ years.  Got my refraction and had a delightful visit with the optician first, then a catch up and exam by the doctor.  I told him the "spectacular" story re: the retinal surgeon.  The ophthalmologist took a long, careful look and said that my story is beyond spectacular, it's a triumph.  "When I look at your retina...  it's not pretty in there." 

Which makes me even more grateful that I can see as well as I do.  Which is better than ever.

And he took me off the twice-a-year checks.  Back to annual.

Stopped on the way home at my favorite quilt shop for some of this:

And followed the recommendation of a friend and went to Senor Frog's for Mexican food lunch.  (Turned out the restaurant is directly behind the quilt shop.)

Horrible accident on the way home made for a slow trip, but learned later that nobody was killed (I am amazed but grateful).

A couple of errands and I was home to re-submit some med stuff and renew my internet package, then went out front to wash my car only to discover baby tortoise #4 UNDER MY CAR.  They're two inches long, for goodness sake.  How did he get out through the back and onto the front driveway.  I put him in the nursery, then went back to the pen to see if there were more (no) but almost stepped on one in the pathway headed back to the house.

The kids can really truck it.

Lecture all day tomorrow, then to my Mom's for dinner (and to replace a faucet so I can install a timer on her rose garden).  Seriously considering a day at Disneyland Saturday (taking her in a couple of weeks) so I can ride some stuff.

Fall is starting off well.

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