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-Old Welsh Door Verse

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Getting Close...

...to finishing the first page.

This is my progress on the hollyhocks. I was hoping to hold out on posting until I finished the first page of the chart, but I have my Cherokee class again all this weekend and probably won't have a chance to check in here (staying at my folks again) so decided to post this much.

I'm so excited about how this is shaping up! I do need to go buy some more floss. I've just about used up the dark burgundy (showing here as purple) and can see that using three strands I'm going to go through multiple skeins of some colors.

Now I have to decide which direction to go next. I could go up and I think that would finish the top of the picture, but the chart to the left of what I've done has the hummingbird (or at least part of it) and that would be fun, too.

Decisions, decisions...


Vonna said...

Looking good!

Leah said...

looks good. Just keep going. I usually choose 1 color and try to finish that color for the whole pattern.
Oh gosh, I havent done cross stitching in ages.

Have fun.