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-Old Welsh Door Verse

Saturday, May 03, 2008

He's baaaa-aaaccckk

G--- got moved back in.

Sort of.

We still need to install the baseboards so he put his mattress in the middle of the floor and stacked his worldly belongings on top. He's sleeping on the sofa at night.

I painted the baseboards last night as well as touching up the inside of the closet. I dunno, something about painting inside a closet at night in a room with no light doesn't lend itself to the best outcome when you're working with a roller. I touched up the closet with a brush and painted the baseboards for the closet, too (not fancy like these) so we should be able to install them today.

Then the lad can unpack and set up the room the way he wants it. The doors and door trim still have to be painted (they're primed), all the electric covers put on and the windowsill varnished before the room is really "done". Historically around here those are the kinds of finishing chores that will still be undone in five years

The tile work is almost done in the shower. After the disaster of the acrylic pan (they don't make them our size anymore) I panicked when I learned that they don't make shower doors our size anymore, either. The contractor calmed me down and told me to just buy the larger size and he would cut it down. The doors will pass more (which will make cleaning a tad more challenging) but this is do-able.

This is as close as I came to my dream of taking pictures of the completed, EMPTY room. It was only empty for a couple of hours - and still not completed - before G--- started moving in.

The rest of my house looks like one of those TV shows where they visit a hoarder's home. Piles of stuff everywhere with paths through it. I'm just hoping that once G--- is "in" and the contractor's are "out" we have enough wiggle room to put everything back to rights before June 7.


Oh, and no stitching has occured.


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Chiloe said...

I'm very happy for you !!! It's going to be interesting to see how it goes when a grown up kid move back in !!! Do you think it's going to be easy?

I wish you a lot of fun together ;-) Enjoy your time together !!