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Friday, May 16, 2008

Wonderful News!

My son's best friend Patrick just wrote to announce that he has PASSED THE BAR! WooHoo!

I first fell in love with this boy when, at a party, the then five-year-old Patrick came up to my then six-year-old son (the first time they'd met), took him by the hand and said, "C'mon. Let's play." Their paths crossed from time to time as children and they reconnected in high school.

Patrick decided that one day he will be President of the United States and I would be so proud to vote for him! He is, truly, the most exceptional young man I've ever met. He was president of the California Associated Student Body, then two-year president of the ASB at Berkeley. After a year of law school in Washington, DC, Patrick decided he could not just sit by and watch Americans die in Iraq so he put his education on hold, enlisted in the Army and served a year in Iraq as a combat medic. During that time he was assigned to a unit from Louisiana. The only Democrat in the unit he earned the nickname "Private-Corporal Warm fuzzy." He is so beloved that he was able to open a distribution center (floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall shelving) from the care packages that his friends at home sent to share with his unit. In addition he must have distributed hundreds of soccer balls and sneakers to Iraqi children. When he returned to the States he resumed his law school studies and worked for Senator Diane Feinstein's office where he serves as a laison on veterans affairs (working particularly on post-traumatic stress syndrome issues, which he fights himself.)

Patrick's second piece of great news is that the GI Bill that he's been working on for the last 1.5 years passed the House!

If you would like to help out a truly worth young man with a truly important piece of legislation, please contact your senator and urge them to vote for passage of this GI Bill. Our veterans deserve it!

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Anonymous said...

Very cool news. He sounds like a young man that is going to make a real difference in the world.