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If Foe, our love will conquer thee.
-Old Welsh Door Verse

Sunday, May 15, 2011


...from the Stitchery.

Moving toward completion on this sweetie.  Very close.  Only need a few vines, stems, highlights here and there.  I'm sure I have PLENTY of fabric to make it into it's signature pillow.  But it will have to wait because...


DS1 and DIL learned this weekend that the baby is a boy, so it's time to crank it into gear.  I'm planning a SKYPE shower for them and handed out invitations at a family gathering yesterday.  I also have baby-oriented stitchery and quiltery to do.

And DS2's life scrapbooks to complete.

And my own writing, working out, gardening to keep up on.

Not to mention wrapping up the school year.

It's a happy, busy time.

DCA Hollywood Backlot stage.  VERY impressed with the crew!
I had another fun day at Disneyland on Friday.  The event was my 13-year-old nephew's first Disney performance.  His concert band performed at Disney California Adventure as part of their Performing Arts program.

 The students in this group are in their second year of music instruction and sound wonderful.  My little recorder doesn't begin to pick up the depth of the music.  We were all delightfully surprised at how good the acoustics were in this little outdoor stage area.  (Shouldn't have been; Disney does things right).

The big man in front of me is my younger son who came down for the morning just to see his cousin perform.  The rest of us started the day with our usual great breakfast at the Carnation Cafe, then headed to DCA.  At that point DS2 arrived and he and I went on rides.  Soarin'. Midway Mania. Tower of Terror.  Then the concert, after which my son had to leave for a camping trip with a bunch of friends.  Some of us did Midway Mania again, then went over to Disneyland for dinner. 

Plaza Inn.  The Park is gorgeous.

My nephew abandoned us at DL to return to DCA for seven consecutive rides on Grizzly River Run.  My mom, sister and BIL and I tucked in at the Coke Corner to listen to a few sets of Ragtime Robert at the upright.  He has a very different style than we usually hear there and it was fun to listen to him.  He had an arrangement of music from The Music Man that we all enjoyed (as we all share a love of that movie).

After fireworks we all headed out for the return trip home.  I'd been up since 4:00 AM (my nephew had a 6:00 AM report time and my drive to their house to join their carload takes about a half-hour) so I was draggin'.

The STAR TRADER has re-opened.  Yes, that IS an X-Wing suspended from the ceiling.  Awesome!
 Yesterday my brother hosted a birthday bash for the several May birthdays in the family.  It was a lovely time.  As he put it, there's something soothing about family voices.  My sister-in-law's flowers are in their prime now and we enjoyed a nice garden tour.  I had suffered an on-point food day at Disneyland so that I could enjoy some chips-and-dip, a WHOLE hamburger and some potato salad sides and a small piece of delicious chocolate cake and 1/2 cup of ice cream. 
By the time I got home last night I was stuffed, soothed and sleepy.

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