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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quilt Project.

It involves stitches.

In 1990 I bought a terrific jacket pattern called "The Oregon Trail."  I thought it would make a wonderful Christmas jacket, so I also bought a lot of Christmas fabric for it.  Problem was, I was already wearing an XXL in jackets (was more comfortable in an XXXL if I could find one) and the pattern only went up to size XL.  So, I tucked it away where it has been languishing for 21 years.  It occurred to me this year that - having already lost 60 pounds (am wearing M/L clothing now) and with the potential to be down 90-100 pounds total by Christmas, I should make this jacket.

I started today.  The first step is to make a 44x18" piece of wonkystrip quilted fabric.  I finished this today as well as two other, slightly smaller pieces.  I'm using black duck for the body of the jacket and these strips are used for collar, pockets and embellishments here and there on the jacket.

So far I've made one serious - although correctable - mistake and have broken one needle.  Also turned out I had only one small spool of black thread in the house so had to quit earlier than I'd hoped.

For me, though, (The Frog Queen) this is "so far so good" status.

It feels good to be sewing again.  I'll be taking some cross-stitch with me to my mom's for the week that I'll stay with her after knee surgery, and bought supplies for her to teach me some fancy knitting.

Fiber, color, movement.  Awesome to be back in it.

(More time, please.)

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