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-Old Welsh Door Verse

Friday, November 16, 2007

Here are my scissors, Chiloe! The colors didn't turn out too well (my stork scissors are actually gold-colored, not bronze). I was surprised at how many I had. Oh yeah, the thing that looks like a locket or medallion is a thread trimmer, too. The best pair is the silver pair with the little thimble fob. I bought them in the university bookstore when I was at UCSB for $2.49. They're dissection scissors for biology lab. And no, I never dissected anything with them (although I have done dissection.)

Chiloe, thanks for all the help with the Nimue site. I had already sent an email to ABC Stitch Therapy to ask if they had the chart (they have quite a few from Nimue - several of which are now on my Christmas wish list - and urge customers to email and ask if there is something they would like that is not shown.) If they don't have it I will definitely be following your guidance to order directly.

It's been a long time since I've done an update. Here are some things I'm working on.

I love embroidery. It's hard to see but I've drawn in all the borders. I want to sta
rt from the center and work out, and did the alphabet first 'cause letters are my least favorite part of a piece to do. Can't wait to get to do all the little bees and butterflies and caterpillars and ladybugs on this thing. I'm stitching through the top and bat and the lint is really flying. I may have to keep a fan going all the time I work on it just to protect my lungs!

These are the first two blocks of the winter wonderland quilt. I bought the pattern and background fabric over the summer. It's stitched through the background fabric and a piece of muslin to keep the stitches from showing. Note again, letters. These were not so bad because it's a fairly large piece so the letters were large. I enjoyed doing the little snowman making snow angels and look forward to the rest of the blocks.

Chiloe's flowers in her beloved vase reminded me that I have this Marjolein Bastin piece that I started. I dug it out again (see, you inspired me). And no, I realize now it's not the same butterfly at all. Don't know when I'll actually put needle to fabric but am going to give it my best shot.

I've been working on this nativity advent quilt by Paper Panache. (This is my favorite piece so far). I've finished some of the animals (sheep, dog, cat, cow) and a good part of the sky. I had hoped to finish it to take as a housewarming gift to a friend but didn't make it. Then I decided to try to finish it to send as a Christmas present, but that didn't work out, either. Her birthday is in late June so maybe I'll make it for that.

In other news, DS2 has gotten me hooked on Heroes. He had asked for the Season One dvd set for his birthday and I gave it to him. He later asked if we could wa
tch episode one together because, he said, he thought I would really like the program. Jeez, did I! I bought my own set and he and I had a marathon (five episodes, or was it six) last week. We have a date for another marathon this Sunday, too. I'm up to episode fifteen, one of his favorites, and he asked me to wait for him to share it with me so he can see my reaction. I'm really enjoying the writing and high production values but mostly I'm enjoying having this to share with him.


Chiloe said...

Thanks for sharing all your WIP! I never thought you were doing so many things. You need to blog more often ;-) I found you a link for the nimue baby: a french stitcher hand dyed her own fabric. Here is the result:

This is her website: http://pagesperso-orange.fr/nine.brode/1page1.html

You have to choose in the menu on the left then click on the pictures you want to see in order to see her work. I love her fairy moon : the fabric is amazing !!!

You have a lot of scissors !!! I like the ones for biology class !!! unusual pick!!! lol

Kathryn said...

I came here from Chiloe's blog. I love Heroes, too! We have watched every episode from the very first one and also bought the DVD. This year's episodes (which started in September) are great but with the writer's strike the episodes will end in two weeks and who knows when they will start up again.