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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Who D'Ya Like

DH and I were talking tonight about how disappointed we are that Al Gore has not thrown his hat into the Presidential ring. This led to a fun fantasy about who we would put into the Cabinet if there were no restrictions. We were chagrined to realize that, for the most part, we were inclined to do what Bush has done - put people in for reasons other than their relevant background and expertise. When we reined ourselves in a little we had come up with this slate:

Secretary of State: Bill Clinton
Secretary of the Treasury:
Secretary of Defense: Wes Clark
Attorney General:
Secretary of the Interior: Al Gore
Secretary of Agriculture:
Secretary of Commerce: Lou Dobbs
Secretary of Labor:
Secretary of Health and Human Services: Sheila Kuehl (CA)
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Maxine Waters
Secretary of Transportation:
Secretary of Energy: Rocky Anderson (UT)
Secretary of Education: Jack O'Connell (CA)
Secretary of Veteran's Affairs: Max Cleland
Secretary of Homeland Security: Jack Murtha

We got a giggle out of suggesting Jon Stewart for Press Secretary. We wished we knew more about Waxman's credentials, too, as we wanted to include him somewhere.

1 comment:

Missy said...

I too am disappointed that Al Gore didn't throw his hat into the ring. I would vote for him again in a minute. Damn Florida!

: )