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If Stranger, such no longer be.
If Foe, our love will conquer thee.
-Old Welsh Door Verse

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Shepherd's Bush has a blog!

It may seem a little weird, but my lns is 800 miles away. Shepherd's Bush is the most wonderful shop I've ever been in - of any kind! It's warm and cozy and a little funky. The people give the words "friendly" and "helpful" new meaning, although they never hover. Conversely, both times I went looking for something in my closest stichery shop (one town over) I was insulted. That is, when I had the nerve to ask for something they didn't have, they turned it around to imply that there was something wrong with me for wanting it.

We own two pieces of property in the little Utah town of Eden which is less than 15 minutes "up the canyon" from Shepherd's Bush which is in the nearest big town, Ogden, Utah. We bought the condo five years ago and so fell in love with this part of the country that two years ago we bought a lot in a subdivision to build a house on. We were hoping to start packing up in January, digging the basement in March with a move-in date of next fall. Sadly, Bush-enomics have trickled down, the country is in dire economic straits, and the real estate market is at a dead stop. Since we can't move forward on the house we want to build until we sell the condo, we are stuck 800 miles from our "home town." Hence, I am 800 miles from my local needlework shop. Still, I get up there two or three times a year, so I just keep an ongoing list and get what I need/want on those trips.

They just started a new blog (the link is in the "Stitchers to Visit" section of the sidebar.) It's like the shop - warm and chatty and friendly. I know they're busy so I hope they can find the time to keep this up. It's like a little visit from 800 miles away.

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