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If Foe, our love will conquer thee.
-Old Welsh Door Verse

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

So much going on...

... I hardly know where to start. First, I am grateful to my principal (who is not always the best manager) for my terrific schedule this year. Two classes, then my work period, then one class, then lunch, then two classes (the best two), then home. I feel human when I come home every day.

My younger son announced weekend before last that he was taking a short trip to Iowa to check out the Midwest. Iowa? We suspect a girl, probably someone he met online. Don't get me wrong, I love the midwest (would move to NE KS in a heartbeat) but I really don't think 26-year-old men decide on the spur of the moment to visit Iowa.

DH met his little brother, a 17-year-old high school junior last weekend (through Big Brothers and local foster youth coordinators). He showed up Monday to watch his football practice only to learn that the boy had partied Friday night (using marijuana and beer) and had been suspended from the team for a week. What a way to start off.

I'm thrilled to be able to write that I found my doctor. I've been going to this internist for two years and she decided to change practices. By the terms of her contract she could not tell her patients where she was going because "technically, my patients belong to XYZ Practice." (The owner of that practice needs to be reminded that owning people became unconstitutional after the Civil War.) Anyway, it took my two months but I finally tracked her down and had an appointment Friday. For the first time in my adult life my BP is down to 116/74 with my pulse 64 (yes, the meds finally worked). Now I have the usual list to complete (mammogram, tetanus shot and so on) but at least I have someone they can report to.

I decided to be a girl this year. Sis is selling Mary Kay and I signed up as a "personal use only" consultant to be one of her minions. This weekend I got to do my qualifying order and it was really fun. I love their cleansers and moisturizers so stocked up. Also ordered their new brushes (yummy, long handles) and some things for gifts. That will be a fun box when it gets here.

In her other business Sis sells Creative Memories scrapbooking supplies and crop is Saturday. She has a MK conflict that day so I will go over early and keep Mom company until Sis can get there. Should be fun, as always.

One of my colleagues lost her mother this weekend. She had been on dialysis for several months (diabetes) and had Alzeimers. My friend has really been struggling to be her mom's support. I know she is suffering now and I really feel for her. I'm grateful for every day my mom is with us.

I'm reading Family Tree by Barbara Delinsky. Very interesting premise. Young white couple gives birth to child who is obviously of African American heritage. Was the wife's father black? Was the wife unfaithful? What is bigotry, really, when approached from this perspective? How would your family react if this happened? Lots to think about.

Didn't do much stitching this week but did manage to get my desk cleaned off (yippeee!!!). Must go do homework before DS2 comes over this weekend. He's gotten me hooked on Heroes, and I have to watch episodes one and two (his dvds were scratched) so that we can watch three and four this weekend. We used to spend some good times together when he was in high school (and I got to drive him around to music events) but we've kind of grown apart. I'm glad to have this series to share.


Missy said...

Thank you for your support, it really means a lot to me. : )

I have heard of the book, Family Tree...might be something to look for at the library, sounds interesting.
: )

Chiloe said...

It's nice to hear from you! It's amazing you couldn't follow your own doctor :-o Is it legal? Finding the right doctor to trust is so hard (especially in the US)