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-Old Welsh Door Verse

Thursday, July 24, 2008

How do you spell UGLY?

My new shoes should give you an idea.

I suppose if I were a ten-year-old boy I might think these had some element of "cool" but I think they are hideous. They do, however, come close to fitting. They are comfortable enough that I wore them out of the store, walked around town a little bit and then forgot to take them off until I'd been home for about three hours which tells me they 1) were not pinching anywhere and 2) were not too hot. They do rub a little on the heels but not nearly as badly as any other pair of shoes I've worn so I'm hopeful these will serve.

I'll be giving them a big workout tomorrow. I'm going to this:

Well, not EXACTLY that. This picture was from the Houston Quilt Festival last year. This year they're holding one in Long Beach and I'm going to check it out tomorrow. I'll leave here very early tomorrow to try to beat some of the traffic down the coast.

After I've worn myself out there I'll go to my son and DIL's until dinnertime, then we'll take a "comfortable walk" (so my son says) to the Buca di Beppo in Redondo Beach. They had eaten at one closer to us a few years back and really enjoyed it.

Meanwhile, today I have some not-so-much-fun stuff to do. I'm serving as president of our teacher's union local this year and have to go get a phone. Then, in the same role, I have to meet with the consultant who is advising us about unifying our district. This has been a HUGELY divisive issue in our area and is supposed to be on the November ballot. I don't think it's going to pass, but if it does implementation will be an enormous undertaking. Should be interesting in a district where none of the district management has been on the job more than a few months, nobody trusts anyone on the board of trustees and the superintendent (also new) is seen as an ego maniacal dictator (I'm not sure I agree with that - yet).


Jennifer said...

Oh, I don't think they're bad at all! They're kind of cute!

Stitcher S said...

I think they're cute/ugly.

I have very wide feet, and have to always buy rather ugly shoes. When I taught fifth grade I hated the disapproving stares my feet would get from the fifth grade girls. I finally said, "Yes, they're ugly-but they're comfortable." Sigh.

With the little ones I teach now, I don't seem to have that problem.