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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More Progress

More Baby Steps.

This is my ironing table. It's really a cool design. It folds up in the middle (so it can be moved around) and is actually designed to fit over an ironing board. It's great for ironing big pieces of fabric. I leave it out on this little table all the time. Which, unfortunately, makes it a drop/storage spot in between cleaning sessions.

This kind of stuff drives me insane.

At top left is an HO train engine. We had bought the boys a little starter HO train set when they were little. I had to have this old fashioned train engine for it. They much preferred the slot car sets and so the train set was up in the attic for over twenty years until the great attic clean-out. I would store this engine in my glass cabinet (with my similar N gauge engine) but I can't get to the cabinet because DH has stacked stuff in front of it.

So where do I store it now?

The little yellow thing next to it is a sacque I embroidered when I was pregnant with my oldest. It's the sweetest little yellow gown with orange lazy daisies embroidered down both front edges. I was going to put it on my little girl. I never had a little girl and this is still in perfect condition, so I would like to hold on to it for a possible female grandchild (although girls are few and far between around here). I don't have a cedar chest.

So where do I store it now?

Then there is a piece of paper with instructions on how to make my hydrangeas go back to the vibrant blue they were when I bought them. I've always know they needed aluminum sulfate but these instructions actually tell how to apply the amendment and in what quantities.

Where do I store this piece of paper so that I can find it when I need it?

And finally, the little brown book think is a day planner I bought years ago (the calendar that's in there is 1997). Clearly, this did not work for me. My daily planner is binder sized so that I can keep my lesson planning book in it. That way, when someone wants me for a meeting or if I need to take a day for my parents, I can check my lesson plans to see if it's an appropriate day to leave my students with a substitute. I don't want this planner, but it's in good shape, you can still buy inserts for it and I hate to just pitch it.

I guess the planner will go in the thrift store box and I guess I can fold up the hydrangea paper and put it in a gardening book. I have a box of fabric (with a few little toys) I've picked up for the future grandchildren so I guess I'll put the sacque there.

So all I have to figure out is where to store a train engine.

Here's something happy.

A few years ago I was walking through one of the local nurseries and I was stopped in my tracks by the most delightful aroma. It took me a while but I finally found it. It was a gardenia. I've never had much luck with gardenias, but this one had a tag that said it was a "new" plant ("First Love" or also called "Aimee."). They had grafted a variety with a heavy fragrance (but which had a weak root stock) onto the root stock of a more robust variety (that didn't have such a sweet smell, I guess). I paid over $30 for the plant (never have paid so much for any plant, even trees). I grow it in a big pot and it does pretty well considering I don't baby it. But every year - EVERY year - that I've had it we've left for Utah just as the buds were swelling. Two weeks later we get home and the buds are brown and dropping off because someone neglected to water as I'd directed. This year my son took better care of everything and I get to enjoy these flowers.

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