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Friday, January 19, 2007

Debi's Day at Disneyland

I had the MOST satisfying day at Disneyland! It was cold and threatening rain and people stayed away in droves. It was fabulous!

I got to park in the first row of the Daisy level, got right onto the tram, walked right through security. In California Adventure I waited just long enough in the Soarin' queue to enjoy the music, then went on the ride with "newbies" on either side. What fun that is! People are always so thrilled with what they are experiencing! After leaving Soarin' I headed through EMPTY walkways to California Screamin' (the new RHCP soundtrack is eeeuuuwwwww...) After screamin' I stopped by King Triton's Carousel to take some pictures. I asked the CM if I could just walk around while he unloaded and loaded to take pictures and he stalled a little so I could get what I wanted. I love this carousel! The sculptures have such humor and the colors are magnificent!

Because there were so few people I decided to head into Bug's Land to try to take some pictures. I think this little land (for teeny kids) just may be my favorite for cleverness. It's so darn cute. There were people there, but not enough to get in my way so I was able to take some pictures that I was satisfied with.

First is Flik holding up the sign to his Fair. If you aren't sure how to get there, Manny will lend a hand (or two or three) to help show the way.

I love the way they show us how the bugs make good use of our discards. My favorites, though, are the firefly lamps in the clover forest. One of these days I'm going to have to go to DCA in the evening just to see these lit up!

I get such a kick out of seeing trash used so creatively! The restrooms are a tissue box (note the antennae on the lady). The most impressive of the trash-craft, however, are Flik's Flyers.

After I'd snapped all the photos I wanted, I headed through the practically empty esplanade (where my brick will soon be planted) to my home away from home, Disneyland. I've never seen so few people there! I first went to the Emporium for a 2007 sweatshirt (a hoodie this year!) and a new antenna ball... and some pins... and a lanyard. I returned to the newstand to check my treasures into package check, then headed to Frontierland for new rivets and the Billy Hill and the Hillbillies Show. I rode the Rockin' Space Mountain (not as bad as the Screamin' overlay but still not as good as the original space mountain), took a quick walk to ToonTown, then moseyed to Main Street for DH's traditional gift of fudge (the wonderful Michael the Ragtime pianist was there - such terrific musicality!). I went up to the train station to claim my bench to watch the parade where I met the delightful Princess Emily, age "just turning eight tomorrow some people think I'm a boy but I'm really a girl do you like my hat it has a crown on it and PINK jewels" dressed all in pink ("Sleeping Beauty is my favorite princess 'cause she wears pink") who explained in all seriousness that "some people think dinosaurs and people lived together but dinosaurs were ex-stink a long time before people came." What a darling! Eventually the fickle little thing threw me over for Burt the Chimney Sweep, a seat on the curb for the parade and a CM who took her up the steps to the conductor for her birthday sticker.

After the parade I waited a little while for the flood to dissipate, then headed home.

I love that place.

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Samantha said...

Debi, I am literally planning a trip to disneyland in my other browser screen right now. Any advice??