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If Foe, our love will conquer thee.
-Old Welsh Door Verse

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It's such a pleasure to be able to stitch large spaces at a time, using up an entire needleful of floss at a time. I get weary of confetti. I love the effect, mind you; I just get tired of doing it and need a big block break from time to time. This is my progress on the hollyhocks for this week. Not too shabby. I've only been able to get in about an hour a night (between dinner and Jon Stewart) so I'm happy with the progress.

I also got a little bit finished on Santa since the last update. Not a lot, but again, it was fun to work in larger sections.

It's also been a treat to work on different colors, even if the colors are the neutral browns and tans and the greens. Notice
how the colors of Santa's robe and hat bear a marked resemblance to the color of the hollyhocks? Good thing pink is a favorite color.

In other news, DS1 is trying to start classes again this week. I say trying because, as has happened every semester, he is all set to start when he gets word the class he has registered for has been cancelled. It is particularly frustrating because this is supposed to be his last semester in his quest for a teaching credential. 4 years community college, 2 years university, one year in credential program at one university which he abandoned in disgust. One year "off" during which he got married and worked as a substitute. This year he returned for his second and, we all hope, last year of training. Fortunately, the new university accepted many of his credits. As I said, this is supposed to be his last semester, but now that they've cancelled one of the classes he needs, who knows what will happen. He said he has se
nt out his begging emails (begging other professors to let him into their classes.) Fingers crossed and thinking good thoughts.

They say California is in a teacher crisis with too few qualified teachers. Let me tell them why.

DS2 is getting lots of work this week as a letter carrier with the post office. Originally he told us that he would be trained for one route and when that carrier needed a substitute, DS2 would get to cover for him. However, so far this week he has subbed three other routes in addition to the one for which he was trained. He has never been afraid of hard work and is very responsible so he is
getting more work than he had expected. This is good news.

DH is getting ready to leave for Utah (the rat) for a week's stay. It sounds so cozy to tuck up with a blanket and the fire with the snow sparkling outside (spoken like a true SoCA girl, huh?) I would love the break about now, but I know I have tons of snow in my future. I'll get my fill, I'm sure.

I don't do a lot of lecturing as a rule, but I've been lecturing the last two days in class. Yesterday's topic was frontier expansion and Tecumseh and today was the War of 1812. It was so satisfying. The kids were very attentive both days. Even my sixth period class, which can be really squirrely, was terrific. Of course, the two "lovers" in the class finally got suspended for a day because they refuse to stop making out on campus. This had a subduing effect on all the students as they see the evidence that, yes, the adults are in charge and yes, if you refuse to follow the rules there is a consequence. It does seem sad, though, to suspend kids for something like this when at other schools they are dealing with violence and drugs.

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