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-Old Welsh Door Verse

Friday, March 21, 2008

Frogger Friday

Yes, it's supposed to be TGIF and - believe me - it is! Of all the short lay-offs teachers get (no, they are not paid vacations) the spring break is the most crucial for it comes at a time when most of us (at least in middle school) are at least very cranky, at most homicidal. I stopped at the drugstore for a few things before I came home to crash and as I was at the register I hear a young voice call my name. I turned and it was (shudder) David. I am safely at home now and looking forward to nine glorious days split between playing catch-up in the house and garden and getting some rest.

So, why Frogger Friday? Because last night, having made fantastic progress on my fairy, I realized I was off by one stitch. Sometimes, of course, one stitch here or there isn't worth tearing out, but this one stitch was going to ruin the line of her arm so I decided to pull it out. In the process of figuring out how to replace it I realized (oh, horror!) that the entire section that SHOULD have been in 841was, in fact, 842.

There's a difference that would have made this piece seem very weird.

I got my monitor off yesterday. As always, I now look like I have the pox. I seem to react to some of the adhesives the medical profession uses. Yesterday about 2:00 pm the leads (all seven of them) started to itch and, sure enough, I now have big red welts all over my torso. Oh, well. This, too, shall pass.

It's a gorgeous balmy day here and I'm looking forward to getting into the yard tomorrow to do some damage control (still haven't "fixed" everything from when the fences blew down this winter. I want to start by putting the front courtyard back in order. Also have to make my sister's tablecloth.

Which reminds me, I have to do some laundry, including washing up the fabric for her cloth. Since it will, no doubt, have to be washed I'll go ahead and prewash the fabric to reduce shrinkage after the cloth is made.

I used one of our Costco Executive Account rebate coupons (somehow ours "got lost" the last two years and we finally got them - yes, it took some calls) to buy myself a memory foam pad for my bed. My back hurts so much some nights that I wake up four or five times with the discomfort. Once I'm awake, I use the bathroom and then read myself back to sleep. Last night, though, I nearly wet the bed because there was no pain waking me up and I missed a couple of potty runs! Wooooohoooooo! The only downside yesterday was that the pad had a strong paint odor (petroleum product?). Fortunately, that seems to have disipated and my room smells fine now.

Can't decide what to look forward to most. Would I like to celebrate being on break by staying up real late stitching and reading, or would I like to go to bed early and enjoy my comfy new sleep?


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Chiloe said...

Is the fairy's face as brown as it looks like on the picture?

Hope you can rest well away from your dear students !!! ;) Are you paid during those vacations?