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Hail Guest, we ask not what thou art.
If Friend, we greet thee, hand and heart.
If Stranger, such no longer be.
If Foe, our love will conquer thee.
-Old Welsh Door Verse

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fun with Chiloe

Chiloe seemed to have so much fun building a relationship with her computer tech support person that I decided to give it a try myself. Yesterday morning I tried to log on and my computer would only loop back to the password screen. I didn't have time to deal with it then so had to try to figure it out this morning. I started by trying to find the manual (without success and making a remarkable mess in the process) and - happily - ran across the toll-free number for Dell support. After two hours (interrupted when the battery in my cordless phone died just as we were getting ready to reinstall the operating system) my new best friend, Rishma, was able to get me up and running in spite of us being "separated by a common language."

Turns out the problem was the automatic update by Dell, so she also helped me take control of that piece of business. Update on MY command from now on.

Yesterday I went to Disney's California Adventure to help with the DCA Dash, a combination scavenger hunt/amazing race event. I was only helping and was pooped by the end of the day. I don't know how the players held up. I enjoyed myself, though, and got to see the new "PixarPlay" parade at DCA (wonderful fun!), then went across to Disneyland just in time to catch "The Parade of Dreams."

There has been stitching! I got a teeny bit done on the fairy, but not enough to make it worth posting. I'm hoping to do more tonight, but for now MUST clean up the mess I made in the great manual search. The good news is my room - and thus my life - should be somewhat less chaotic for next week.


Marita said...

I'm glad your computer is fixed and you are able to blog again.

Samantha said...

Hooray for the computer fix- and that Disney day sounds awesome.