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If Stranger, such no longer be.
If Foe, our love will conquer thee.
-Old Welsh Door Verse

Friday, January 11, 2008

Ah, the suspense

The Christmas Gift package cost £12.67 to ship and is marked "Printed Matter." Oh, yeah, and it was posted December 12, so my mean comment about the seller not shipping until after Christmas wasn't warranted. DS2 has been working a lot (he is a substitute letter carrier for the USPS and delivers pizza at night) so I probably won't be able to tear into this until Sunday.

'S OK. It's kind of fun to suffer.

1 comment:

Marita said...

Anticipation is half the fun. I'm excited to see what is in the package also.

BTW, I've tagged you for a Meme, check my blog for details -