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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Don't Love Ya...

Tomorrow promises to be a bitch.

First work. Our school counselor, a sweet young thing in the second year of her first full-time job, seemed genuinely shocked that I no longer like teaching. Give it a few years, dearie, especially in our district. Fortunately, it's test day so they will be occupied and quiet.

I have to tear out the door at 3:00 (and hope nobody notices that I'm leaving before my contract time is over) to dash home for a shower, then to the neighboring town for a mammogram. Oh boy, oh boy! Must remember to take deodorant with me because after the mammo, I race back to my town for a union meeting for which I will be an hour late or more, then afterward a late night at the Board of Trustees meeting.

Ugh. And it will only be Thursday.

I have no idea what I will do on Friday. I should do something about Dr. King since Monday is the holiday, but I don't really have anything. Maybe he wouldn't mind if I showed my Rosa Parks video?

Fortunately, Saturday is scrapbooking with my Mom and sister ALL DAY. This is our special time together and we didn't get to do it last month. Always fun to catch up on news, share needlework patterns and - oh yeah - work on our scrapbooks.

I think I finally have just about hit the end of post-Christmas purchases. I got three batiks from Batiks-Plus. You can read about my dilemma with this quilt if you want. I got a couple of batiks that I can use for the mountainside, which means I can get the backing and so on and so on. The last item in my list of online purchases is a pint of rubber cement thinner. California has banned heptane from the state. So what? Heptane is the substance from which a product called Un-du was manufactured. Un-du would remove stickers from my scrapbook pages, and since I can't seem to put together a page without removing things multiple times, I considered it a necessary tool. Now that Un-du is gone (I've read that so many states have banned heptane that they've stopped making Un-du), someone shared that rubber cement thinner works for the same purpose so I ordered a pint from Dick Blick to give it a try. Once it arrives my credit card will take a long winter's nap so that the smoke can clear.

In stitching I've been working on the embroidery on the "What Color is Spring?" quilt. I look forward to showing you a completed center sampler. Need to finish the pansies, then the daisies and am done and can move on to the sashing!

By the way, be sure to check out the Shepherd's Bush blog. They've been enjoying the snow (sort of).

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