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If Foe, our love will conquer thee.
-Old Welsh Door Verse

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Sidebar Surfing - Part Deux

On the same day as my Australian surfin' safari, I also visited Chiloe's site. Chiloe is my friend who introduced me to the Nimue fairy. Here's my progress on her:

When I had surfed over to the Nimue site, I met "La Balancoire" ("The Swing"). I ordered this chart from ABC Stitch Therapy and it was while the chart was on its way that Chiloe arrived home from her vacation in Germany. As soon as she read that I had ordered this chart, she had to send me to one of her favored sites in France, Le monde de Typh, where this baby fairy in a swing is in progress. "Just so you can drool," she warned.

Mind you, I neither speak nor read French, but I engaged my friendly Babel fish for a (kind of) translation of the site so I could (kind of) follow along. What wonderful work and very different from what I'm used to seeing here in the western United States. Check out the piece in her logo!

Having had so much fun (and been so impressed) with this French site, I decided to surf some of the other French sites in Chiloe's sidebar. I headed next to Calina et ses Fees.


Check this out:

Why wipe out? Because, since I neither read nor speak French, I couldn't get any hints as to who designed this or where to find it. The good news is that I was able (eventually) to track this down. It's from a company called The Victoria Sampler and is called "Family." Now I just need to find a place to order it.

I've written before that my lns is 800 miles from me. There is (was?) one in the next town but they have been so rude to me on the few times I've gone there that I prefer to just keep a list going until I can get to the condo in Utah and shop at Shepherd's Bush. However, I was so anxious to get this one that I went to the designer's website and did a shop locator search. Sure enough, it said that the shop in the next town was a distributor for these patterns, so today I drove there to see if they had this pattern. The shop was closed (as in brown paper in the windows gone.) So, I guess I'll give the lovely people at Shepherd's Bush a call to see if they have this.


Chiloe said...

Oh! I asked Typh where she got that chart that you like. I thought it was the BEGLAD but I prefered to ask her and yes, it is !!! And here it is: http://swappons.oldiblog.com/?page=lastarticle&id=1083220

So you can drool even more !!! lol You can still download the charts (they are free but for a limited time only I guess.) The BEGLAD means: Let's stitch together a very long free charts (yes the translation is very long ... )

Those charts come from Sajou (from the 19th , begining of the 20th century) a famous charts designer. Enjoy, and Babelfish is going to become your best friends in the next days !!! lol

Have fun !!!!

Chiloe said...

By the way, you know Isa Vautier, right?

And keep in mind, Swappons is a free charts site ;-)

Chiloe said...

Debi, you should change you comments settings because only people with a gmail account can leave you a comment (that's why I got mine actually) I think some people may want to comment and can't because of that ;-)