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If Stranger, such no longer be.
If Foe, our love will conquer thee.
-Old Welsh Door Verse

Friday, January 04, 2008

Fairy Update

I don't know if I'll finish her before I run out of winter break or not (two more days). I can probably finish the wing tomorrow but don't know if I can finish her body on Sunday or not. Probably not 'cause work (shudder) starts again Monday and I do have a few chores to do around here (like laundry and maybe starting to take the Christmas decorations down).

Want a laugh? I did so much stitching yesterday that I woke up with a tiny little muscle sore in my upper arm and sore joints on both sides of my wrist (from twisting my hand funny around the q-snap). In the future on small pieces I'm going to have to leave lots of fabric around the design so that I can use a larger frame and avoid that funny crook of the wrist.

It's storming today. DH and I tucked in under warming lap robes (rather than heat the house we're trying these) for the evening. Fire crackling, audio books, stitching away...

This is the life I want to lead with a little time in the morning for the garden and a walk, some kind of daily housekeeping chores so the place doesn't fall apart and time for quilting and scrapbooking, too.



Marita said...

Amazing progress Debi. I am impressed.

Such a pity real life interferes in our crafts so much :grin:

Chiasmata said...

Great progress on the fairy. I really like the combination of the colours and fabric. It gives it a very natural feel.

Chiloe said...

Great progress Debi ! What do you think of your colors ( the one from the chart) and the original picture? Is it a close match? From my computer, yours appears brown to me. Have you bought the special thread needed ? mohair?

By the way, may I ask who is Yumiko? It appears on my google reader then didn't appaer on your blog.

Chiloe said...

Have you seen that one on a solo by Silkweaver?


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