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If Foe, our love will conquer thee.
-Old Welsh Door Verse

Friday, January 25, 2008

She will survive...


I would blame this illness on Sam, but I know this is not the kind of virus that travels through the net wires. DH had it first and his doctor had this diagnosis yesterday, "Oh, you've got that bad thing that takes forever to get rid of."

What a guy!

I did drag myself to work yesterday and today because I was showing a video for two days. I figured I could sit through two days of Lewis & Clark as well as any sub and save myself two sick days.

I am now, however, officially wiped out and headed to my recliner to put my heating blanket over me. Once I rest up I might even feel like picking up a needle.

Or maybe not.


Marita said...

Ick! Get well soon.

Kathryn said...

Ah, I hate to say it, but your doctor is right. We both got it from my husband's sister at Christmas. By January 1 we were down. My husband is better, but I still have good days and bad days. It seems I will make it through a day perfectly, then crash and burn the next one. I got up this morning and cleaned up a LOT of the sewing room. Then at 2pm I crashed hard. I could barely stand up. Not so much coughing and nose running, but I just can't seem to shake this tiredness. I hope it treats you better than it has me.

Chiloe said...

Poor Debi: I hope you feel better soon ! What is the name of that thing? Does it have a name? Or it's just what they call a virus? (and put everything in there? )

Lili said...

Sorry you're so sick, Debi! I just hope you recover sooner than expected...
Take a lot of rest, and indulge yourself,

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb, I'm finally here! I've been making my way through journals getting everyone's alerts turned back on. Now that I'm feeling better, I'll be back :) Is there anyway to get a notice sent to me from here when you post an entry?
I'm sorry to hear you have been sick too, I know it's been a bad year for the "bug". Hope you feel better soon sweetie and get a lot of rest if you can.
Thanks for hanging in there with me through my depression sabbitical, it really meant a lot.

Pooh Hugs,