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If Friend, we greet thee, hand and heart.
If Stranger, such no longer be.
If Foe, our love will conquer thee.
-Old Welsh Door Verse

Friday, January 18, 2008

Great Meme

Chiasmata had this meme which was really fun to "read" and looks like fun to do, too. She was very disciplined, but there's no way I can do this without "talking."

Age you will be next birthday

[I've been on this freeway! In Southern California we have names for our freeways in addition to numbers which is very confusing but that's how it is. The 101 is the Ventura Fwy until it gets to Los Angeles, at which point it is the Hollywood Freeway; the 5 is the Golden State and the 405 is the San Diego and so on. The 57 is called the Orange Freeway and is touted as being a good alternative to the 5 through Los Angeles but all the times I've been on it it's been pretty hellish so I avoid it.]

A place you would like to visit

I would like to visit Tokyo to meet and spend time with my DIL's family, but I hope they don't mind if I take a few days to explore Disneyland Tokyo, especially Disney Sea.

One of your favourite places

Big Sur, Central California coast, USA. CA Hwy 1 meanders along the edge of these cliffs. I've driven it once, been on it many times as a passenger (I prefer to drive it myself) and I never get over the beauty of it. It's less than 30 miles of road but it takes me hours because I have to pull over at every viewpoint for pictures.

Your favourite object

'Nuff said.

Favourite Food

Chili verde burrito, no rice, no beans (only pork in tomatillo sauce with cheese), wet.

Favourite Animal

My favorite animal ever was our Akita. There wasn't a picture of him on Google images (he was show quality in conformation - a walking work of art - but very submissive and did not like the show ring. That's OK, neither did we.) Anyway, Kuro, his mother (with the breeder) did pop up. Our Tremor was also black and white but MUCH bigger with a huge head and chest. Until Tremor I never had an animal who was a comedian. He would do silly things just to make us laugh, then, once we were laughing, stop and grin at us. He's been gone for four years and I still miss him.

Favourite Colour

Name of a Past Pet

The last one. Himalayan cat named after this song. Love The Cat (singer, not animal).

Where do you live?

When we moved into our house, we could climb up on the roof and see this island in the distance. Now it's grown up too much around us (not to mention we are too old, fat and out of shape to climb up on the roof.)

1st grade teacher's name

Also one of my family names.

Your Middle Name

Bad Habit

I'm forever setting something down "for a minute" then getting distracted before I put it away.

Favourite Flower

Favourite Holiday

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jess said...

What a fun meme! I'm so glad you find such joy in the Mother Earth book! It's by far one of my faves!