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-Old Welsh Door Verse

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ever Lovin' Saturday

I rock! Today I have:

  • Cleaned the kitchen surfaces (some haven't been touched since Christmas). This might not sound like much but my kitchen is huge for a kitchen. When we bought the house it was called a "farm kitchen." It was really a tiny kitchen, tiny family room and tiny dining room in one space. After a few years we added a large family room off of this room and now the 315 square foot space is kitchen and dining room. Although the actual work area is small, there are lots of "drop spots" that were still cluttered since I packed away the Christmas decorations. Whenever DH leaves for more than a day or two I like to clear all the surfaces and keep them clear (if I clear them while he's here, within a couple of hours they will be covered with food, computer equipment, newspapers, candy...)
  • Shopped at Home Depot for stuff to make some repairs
  • Repaired my 3-way lamp
  • Replaced the drain cover in my shower
  • (Bought a new fluorescent bulb for my magnifying lamp but I think the lamp is dead.)
  • Went to Target for a copy of the Lilo & Stitch movies; came out instead with a gallon of bubble mix for my Eeyore bubble blower and a new nozzle for the front hose.
  • Whipped up a batch of brownies (with pecans)
  • Folded the rest of last week's laundry and got a start on this week's.
  • Set up my sewing corner for tomorrow.
  • Am almost done with the first short row of stitching on the "...Spring..." quilt. Hearts and vines with ladybugs. I love working on it and will finish it now while I get a start on "...Pirates...At Worlds' End".
I decided to have a movie marathon since I am in control of the television today. It was a hard decision but I settled on the Pirates... trilogy. I'll have to think about tomorrow's program.

Tomorrow I am hoping to sew ALL DAY, then Monday (a holiday for me) I want to go up to my favorite nursery and buy flowers for the fairy garden, and spend a couple of hours whipping that space into shape. Then back inside for another marathon sewing session.

I'm really loving feeling better.


Marita said...

I'm exhausted just reading that list!

Great job getting so much done. Enjoy your stitching time.

Chiloe said...

Waow!!! What did you take to feel that way? I want to take the same thing !!! lol Have fun and take pictures of all your projects ;)

jess said...

That is awesome you got so much accomplished! Some days I'm happy just to get the toilets flushed and dishes loaded.