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Friday, February 15, 2008


Well, not a bad ending to the week. Little altercation with a student over a cell phone in class right at the end but I don't THINK it ended too badly. Passed her off to the AP and skipped out as quickly as I could.

DH made it to Eden yesterday without incident, if you don't count the AC bearings going out in the car on the way up. He realized today that if he couldn't get it to a mechanic and get a rental car today they could be in trouble in an emergency over a three day holiday weekend, so he took it into Ogden this AM. Got his rental car for the weekend only to get a call after three hours that the car was finished (they'd been able to rush in the parts). We love Enterprise - they refunded the unused portion of the rental (they had agreed to that ahead of time) and took good care of him.

Here is his view out the back balcony.

He had called me from our condo last night, practically in tears. They had gone up to get some "necessities' that we store up there (coats and gloves, extra blankets, coffee grinder) and the place is gutted. No wallboard, no carpet.

No furniture, which is really alarming. Our sofa and chair are stored in the entry. DH and his guests couldn't find our coffee table (a collector's piece made from teak reclaimed from a 200-year-old ship) or the quilt I had made for the family room or the limited edition moose print from the downstairs bedroom.


But DH got to have a long talk with our old friend (his father was DH's roommate in college) who is the developer of the resort. Not only did they clear up some misunderstandings, but the friend now has HIS VIN (Very Important Nose) into the project which should move some things along. Plus, with DH up there he can also push. Really good news was that our friend said to call him before the property tax appeal next year and he would get us the documentation we need to show the county that, even though our lot may have been declared worth $500,000 last year, nothing up there is selling for more than $200K, if they are selling at all. It will be a huge help not to have to pay $6,000 taxes on a vacant lot, especially since we've been cut out of this amazing ski season because of The Calamity.

There also may have been a turn in contract negotiations that will relieve a lot of stress around here. On the off chance that anyone involved may google their way in here I will only say that we are cautiously optimistic (and beating ourselves up for being so stupid as to be so.)

Still, with the previous good news of DS2 returning home in April and to college for his masters in the fall, I can feel my blood pressure down a good 30 points and am looking forward to holing up for the three-day weekend.

Tomorrow I want to run up to the Barnes & Noble. My SIL won 2nd place in a writing contest for a literary magazine called CUTTHROAT and her story, "One Man Band," is supposed to be in the magazine now. There's no way her predominently redneck town will have it in their Borders so I said I'd go check out the B&N up the road from me. She bought us all copies from the publisher, but she wanted one with receipt from a bookstore. While I'm there, of course, I will check out the UK cross stitch mags to see if there's anything to enjoy this weekend. After a quick stop at Target for a floor lamp and a video (and I guess I should pick up some food, too) I'll come home and barricade the door. Already warned DH to call me on my cell. The house phone is sure to all be for him so I'm going to ignore it.

I'm going to bring a large table from storage into the family room and set up a sewing center. I'm really hopeful that I can make major progress on a wallhanging I started two years ago. Years ago I read a book by Jean Ray Laury,

I had done several JRL crafts, and this how-to book (c. 1975) was a collection of great advice for home crafters. One of the pieces of advice I have remembered all these years was about incomplete projects. In short, incomplete projects are crippling. Get them done or get them out. This wallhanging quilt I'm working on should be a project of joy (it's a housewarming gift for a special friend) but is becoming a burden. It's time to get it done.

Another artist who gives great advice is Mary Ellen Hopkins. If you EVER get a chance to attend a presentation by this woman (The Yes, You Can Sit on My Quilt Handbook), do it! She is not only a fabulous quilter but an absolute riot. She was giving us advice once on what to do with unfinished projects. If you realize you just don't want to finish it - ever - but you don't want to get rid of it, she directs you to go to Nordstrom's and buy something inexpensive just so you can get one of their beautiful silver gift boxes. You line the box with gorgeous tissue, then place carefully inside it (iron if you need to) the fabric, partially completed blocks, pattern and whatever notions and embellishments you have left for that project. Carefully smooth the tissue over the treasures inside. Put the lid on the box and tie with a beautiful wired ribbon. Add a tag (maybe handmade) inscribed,

"To My Daughter-in-Law"

and put it up in the closet or attic.

When you die and your son and DIL are going through your things, think how thrilled she'll be to find that you were thinking of her!

Here's another SBQ I can identify with:

Do you have any projects that you have scrapped and started over? What made you start over from scratch?

Oh, yes. I do.

In 1992, I opened up this magazine

and fell hard for this chart.

This would be my first BAP ("Big Ass Project") and I wanted it to be REALLY big when I finished it. I also did not want to work on linen, so bought a huge piece of 11 count Aida (yes, ELEVEN count). Oh, it was easy to work on, but it didn't take long to see that I was not going to like the result when it was done.

I just wasn't getting the coverage I wanted (the colors had no depth) and I really didn't think I liked the effect of the holly border on the ecru Aida. So, I took a deep breath, folded it up and tucked it away. I didn't have the heart to trash it.

I bought a nice, natural Fiddler (14) that I like a LOT better. I'm using three strands and getting much better coverage. Unfortunately, it's not really much fun to work on. Large expanses of color (red, brown, white) with an amazing amount of confetti. But I really would love to have this hanging in the entry of the new house for the holidays so I try to work on it a little here and there.

Maybe it's a good thing the house has been delayed a few years, huh?

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Chiloe said...

Are those furniture stolen or were they misplaced (in another condo? ) Were you insured for those? I hope you can get some back especially the most precious ones ...

I know by experience that nobody will do the things for you as you will do it yourself ... We are still waiting for Chuy's niece to send us our stuffs, even though we gave her the money ...

I didn't remember you had that pattern. I fell in love with that pattern the first ime I saw it on ebay as a kit (I bought one but I haven't got it yet as my SIL from Texas sent it late to Germany and it arrived after we left ... ) Now I'm not even sure I'll get it one day ... It drives me crasy ... DOn't give up on that one!!! I love it !!!

When is your son moving in?