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-Old Welsh Door Verse

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Wish I was There...

This picture was taken yesterday in the main intersection in the little Utah mountain town of Huntsville. The weathercam is mounted on the roof of Valley Elementary School, where all the kids K-6 attend school from the Ogden Valley. This is where we go in July to see the 4th of July parade, then where we go to see local fine arts in August when the valley hosts a hot air balloon festival. There are two major ski resorts in this valley, the biggest being Snowbasin, the Sun Valley resort that hosted the downhill events for the 2002 winter Olympics. The locals prefer Powder Mountain because, well, I guess the name says it all. It started snowing right around Thanksgiving and, near as we can tell from checking in on Weatherbug several times a day, it has snowed just about every day since then.

And this is the same intersection today. They are under a heavy snow alert. No kidding! Check out the depth of the snow around the stop sign!

Our condo is about five minutes further into the valley (in the even smaller town of Eden, Utah) and up Powder Mountain from here, so we assume the snow is about the same. Our building lot is very close to the condo, and we are very much looking forward to retiring there and enjoying this winter wonderland.

We just want to be retired first, 'cause this SoCA girl can't imagine having to anything more than tuck myself in to stitch, sew or write in this stuff.


Shelly said...

Wowwweee! That is a lot of snow!

Kathryn said...

Hip, Hip, Hooray! You see snow. I see WATER. What with the dry winter we had last year and the dry start to this year, I am glad to see every flake. We will need every drop.

debijeanm said...

kathryn is so right. There is a reservoir in this valley that is the water supply for the city of Ogden. There are three branches to the reservoir and when we left at the end of last summer, the three branches had just about dried up. The valley water supply is an aquifer that needs to be recharged with snowmelt. I'm hopeful that this big snow will help to recharge both the reservoir for Ogden (where our friends at Shepherd's Bush are still shoveling) and the aquifer for us in the valley.